“Stargazer” by Island

Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day' is "Stargazer" by UK band Island

ISLAND, Beatnik Creative’s latest signing, who will release their debut EP GIRL on November 27th, digitally and on limited vinyl. The lead track is “Stargazer”. The track is full of youthful abandon, purpose and promise. There must be something in the Oxford water – or comma, in fact – as Rollo Doherty (vocals, guitar), James Wolfe (bass guitar), Jack Raeder (guitar), and Toby Richards (drums) began various bands of the folk/indie variety, before fine-tuning their sound, and starting to play shows earlier this year. Think Foals, think Glass Animals, and immediately, the shoegazing, trip-hopping timbre of South East England springs to mind. Although now residing in London, the calibre of ISLAND isn’t a far cry from such bands.