Sports Coach debuts new single “ktown blues”

Sports Coach debuts new single "ktown blues",
Sports Coach

Sports Coach is the solo project of 24 year old J. Thatcher May. May has been been making and recording music in various basements and bedrooms since age 15. Sports Coach started in 2014 and since then has released 14 albums and toured all over the United States. May writes, records, and mixes all his own music. Originally Boston based, May now resides in Los Angeles. Today, Thatcher is giving us a taste of the Dream Sports EP, by sharing the autobiographical track “K-town blues”, which is well worth the listen.

“”ktown blues” is a tune about how I am not a big city cool guy! I wrote that one after I had been living in LA a few months and hadn’t really been clicking with the pace of the big city. I like to live slow and take it in – ride the WAVE. Cities are too fast and stressful and expensive for me. Now I live in a smaller town again and things are MELLOW. “ktown blues” is just about that city struggle – you’re working too much, getting paid too little, and the majority of people are totally wrapped up in their own realities, unaware of the actual world around them!”

Sports Coach
Dream Sports EP
Track Listing:

1. speed dial
2. tide rider
3. k-town blues
4. paid
5. fourever
6. talk about…


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