Spirit Club announce new album ‘Slouch’

Spirit Club announce new album 'Slouch', the full0length comes out on October 21st via Ghost Ramp Records.

Spirit Club, is the band composed of Nathan Williams (Wavves/Sweet Valley), Kynan Williams (Sweet Valley/Safe In Hell) and Andrew Caddick (Jeans Wilder), today, they have announced their newest album, Slouch, due October 21st on Williams’s Ghost Ramp Records. The album track “Fast Ice” is now available to stream.

Recorded at DTLA Recording in Los Angeles, Slouch was constructed with the help of engineer Misha Hercules and Grammy-winning producer Dennis Herring. This is the first time Nathan Williams and Herring have collaborated for a full-length project since Wavves’ much-lauded 2010 release, King Of The Beach. Drawing largely from The Beach Boys and vocal groups such as The Flamingos and The Cadillacs,Slouch is a sunny-sounding affair packed with the darker lyrical concerns of heartbreak and loneliness.

Spirit Club formed during the summer of 2014. The childhood friends were reconnecting after several years apart and Caddick, coming out of a rough break-up, sent Nathan a song demo that was originally intended for another project. Nathan and Kynan enjoyed the track and asked to help Caddick, which would ultimately lead to the first Spirit Club single, “Eye Dozer.” “We didn’t have any aspirations,” says Caddick, “but we found very quickly that we made a very cohesive unit.” Spirit Club released a two-track 7″ in 2014, followed by it’s debut LP Spirit Club in 2015.

Spirit Club tracklisting:
1. Fast Ice Intro
2. Fast Ice
3. Your Eyes Tell Lies
4. Metal Dream
5. Room to Run
6. That’s My Curse
7. Broken Link
8. Lately I Haven’t Been Sleeping
9. Needful Things
10. Nearly As Much As You
11. I’m In Heaven
12. You’re So Mean


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