Spectrals Premiere Track From “Sob Story”

Spectrals release the single "Sob Story"

In 2009 Spectrals began life as a one man band. That one man was Heckmondwike, Yorkshire resident, Louis Jones, and he played everything on his early releases himself. A number of singles were released on labels such as Captured Tracks, Tough Love, Underwater People and Moshi Moshi; somewhere along the way Louis recruited his brother, Will, to play drums; touring band members came and went, but the core of the two brothers remains to this day.

Spectrals are finally back with “Sob Story”. The album is described as follows: There are songs that are clearly loves songs in the classic sense (‘Limousine’, ‘Milky Way’, ‘Sob Story’). The problems of long-distance relationships are covered in ‘Blue Whatever’ (“I’ve been blue as a bruise ever since you went down / ’cause to me it could just as well be another galaxy”); that same topic, as well as the problems caused by being away on tour so much, come up in ‘Karaoke’ (“If I stop playing guitar / Learn to drive a car / And try and get my head around living in another town”); he discusses how he can be the cause of their problems in ‘A Heartbeat Behind’ (“I made such hard work of loving you / Love became a hobby too / I’m in no way badly done to / After all, I have you”); and with his characteristic humor, ‘Something To Cry About’ tackles a question asked by a number of journalists when reviewing Bad Penny – what will he write songs about if he doesn’t have trouble in love???




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