Speaker Face to release ‘Orogenesis’ single on Earth Day


Speaker Face continues to share tracks from their upcoming debut album with ‘Orogenesis’. The single will be released on Friday, April 22 via Hybridity Music. The song title describes the formation process of mountains, and is (non-coincidentally) being released on Earth Day.

This is the fifth track to come out off their full debut album ‘Driftwood’. You’ll get to hear the remaining five in the very near future, alongside an important and exciting campaign.

1 Love Song
2 Pturtledactyl
3 Jasmine
4 Looking For A Bed
5 Vertical
6 Orogenesis
7 Centered
8 Dallas
9 Roy
10 Driftwood

Speaker Face is an award-winning Toronto-based experimental electronic group comprised of Trent Freeman and Eric Wright. Speaker Face won two awards at the 2015 Vancouver Island Music Awards, for Electronic/Dance Song of the Year and Music Video of the Year. While touring in Europe with a different band, they decided to collaborate after discovering their mutual love of modern electronic music. After composing their first track in Germany, the duo was formed as a true collision of their personal sounds.

Combining synthesizers and electronic beats seamlessly with the violin and piano, Speaker Face sets out to do what producer, Nigel Goldrich, once put so well: “to blur the line between what’s generated electronically and what’s generated by a human being.”