“Soup For Brains” by Daniel Woolhouse

After the release of his full-length What’s That Sound? through label 37 Adventures, Daniel Woolhouse (formerly Deptford Goth) has released his self-directed new video for “Soup For Brains”.

This is the first time he has ever been featured in his own video, and he explains the meaning of the song: “Soup For Brains is a song of self examination. There’s this soup in my head. There are circumstances, memories and images in there that reflect on the past few years. There are coping mechanisms you develop that can be destructive and whilst you might recognise that yourself, you end up always playing catch-up with them, trying to fix one thing with another. You can end up in a repetitive cycle and I’m trying to get out of that.”

“When I started the album, I realized I was approaching writing in a slightly different way, as if I was producing a group, or I was a band,” Woolhouse explains. “So I pictured people in their places, and what everyone needed to bring to the song, which opened me up to recording with a new energy and an extra sense of freedom. By embarking on something new, I decided to separate it from the Deptford Goth albums.”

Produced, and mostly self-performed, by Woolhouse at his studio at home on the Kent coast, What’s That Sound? From the gospel-slanted opener “Crazy Water”(with backing vocals from Slow Club’s Rebecca Lucy Taylor) to the title track’s gliding verse and joyous chorus. It’s a long way from the sombre, skeletal template of his Life After Defo debut.

Woolhouse’s choice of What’s That Sound? for the album title unites the record’s musical and lyrical themes. “It was a good way to title this collection of songs because of how I paid attention to the instrumentation,” he says. “It also describes the head chatter that can be quite infringing when concentrating and honing in on what I want or am thinking. I think it’s a good summary of looking for sense out of confusion.”

What’s That Sound?
PIAS/37 Adventures

1. Crazy Water

2. What’s That Sound?

3. Dreamt I Was A Ceramicist Too

4. Map Of The Moon

5. Graffiti

6. Skeleton

7. Oh These Landscapes

8. Tomorrow’s Egg

9. Hum

10. Soup For Brains

11. Forest Further