Soulwax release new hour of Radio Soulwax

Electronic music pioneers & internationally renowned DJs, Soulwax, recently unveiled ‘RADIO SOULWAX’ – A pioneering Online & App driven audiovisual project. The project consists of 24 themed 1 hour-long mixes, each of which has a corresponding video. The visuals are crafted, inspired and lovingly animated using the imagery from the sleeves of the very records that shape each mix.The new hour, “Pin Ups”, is the most enticing yet! The band says,“We sometimes buy records just for their covers…this is particularly true of our extensive collection of records with sexy ladies on. We’ve chosen 850 of these, starting with a visual collage of lovely legs, luscious lips, etc. & then making the music fit afterwards. This is in essence a reverse way of working, and god knows it was a huge challenge to find enough good musical bits to work with and cut up, but it definitely makes for an interesting show that can be enjoyed in many different ways.” Watch “Pin Ups” at and
A couple of Radio Soulwax mixes will be released each month until the completion of the 24 hours. Most importantly, it is free online to all, marking a new era in mixtape culture, home music consumption, direct to fan distribution and in the sharing of these experiences via new technology. Over 200,000 people have downloaded the free app and the site has received millions of hits.

RADIO SOULWAX has been over 2 & half years in development. It has evolved and morphed from a simple original idea to a full multi–sensory media experience. Do not be confused or put off by the use of the term ‘Radio’ here as music is but one side to this experience. Together with the projects artistic director Fergus Purcell they have also created a unique accompanying visual channel to boot, which would be just as much Music TV as it is radio – if such a thing still existed in 2011.

At times the visuals themselves have even driven, informed and helped re-imagine the audio parts you’ll hear simultaneously. It is an integral part of the unique charm of RADIO SOULWAX and one, which is often the hardest to get across. Here, fans of animation, comedy, art or even god forbid, seventies sleeve nudity may well be tickled too. Musical train-spotters will also be in heaven! But here, each and every one of these painstakingly produced hours is fun, different and geared to trigger individual reactions unique to the viewer, listener, consumer etc.

RADIO SOULWAX is fun, chaotic and best of all – it is free. Due to copyright & publishing legalities – the content of the mixes broadcast cannot and will never be sold, which considering the time, money and love spent personally developing this project is utterly unique in itself, especially during this new age of the music industry.

In addition to the live online feed – Radio Soulwax is available to stream and download via a fully interactive iPhone/iPad/Android application. This can be downloaded from the Apple App store for iPad & iPhone & Google App store for Android and will allow users greater freedom to listen away from the broadcast schedule online.

For lovers of fun, music, art, technology, film, chaos or curiosity…RADIO SOULWAX is live at:

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