Sondre Lerche Gets Official Stamp in Norway and Reissues Titles

“I’m honored and flabbergasted to be considered legal tender in Norway,” says Sondre.  “It’s quite the surprise and destined to mess with my head. As an independent artist, running my own small label and being accustomed to not quite fitting into any particular boxes or scenes it’s strangely encouraging to be acknowledged by the establishment in the form of a stamp. It’s also important to mention that these are not the kind of stamps you have to lick, they are already sticky.”

Sondre Lerche continues his 30th birthday celebration with the limited edition vinyl pressings of his first four albums – Faces Down, Two Way Monologue, Duper Sessions and Phantom Punch.

All four albums that include bonus tracks and outtakes will be available next Tuesday,

October 2 at

Listen to “Lulu” Duper Sessions HERE.