“Something to Lose” Better Person

Adam Byczkowski AKA: Better Person has announced his debut album, Something to Lose, will come out on October 23rd via Arbutus Records, ahead of the release, the Berlin artist has shared the album’s title-track.

Byczkowski traveled to California after a chance meeting with MGMT’s Ben Goldwasser at a Berlin after hours club. An introduction by a mutual friend turned into a night-long conversation about shared influences. A fortuitous increase to Byczkowski’s overdraft by an online banking app culminated in a relocation to Los Angeles, to complete his debut album with help of the producer. Goldwasser’s obsession with synth programming and pop hooks.

“‘Something to Lose’ is the first happy song I’ve ever written,” says Byczkowski. “Initially I wanted to capture the ecstatic feeling of fresh love, the excitement and thrill that comes with it. But as time went by, this simple song gained more and more meaning for me. Falling in love so deeply and strongly woke me up from a lethargic, cynical state, it radically changed my view on the world and my entire life. It is extremely hard to believe in humanity these days. The euphoric feeling that happens between two human beings is a moment of sweet distraction that truly everyone deserves. Something to live for, somewhere to hide. The wind in your hair, the evening summer breeze, the tender touch of another person. Love is the strongest weapon against hate. It is the first step to a positive change and I live for it.”

Better Person
Something to Lose
Arbutus Records

1. Na Zawsze
2. Hearts On Fire
3. True Love
4. Something to Lose
5. Glendale Evening
6. Dotknij Mnie
7. Close To You
8. Bring Me To Tears
9. Ostani Raz