SOHN Premieres video for “Artifice”

SOHN Premieres video for "Artifice" from his forthcoming album Tremors, which comes out via 4AD on April 8th. Sohn will be on tour this May in North America

As the release of his debut album draws nearer, SOHN has taken time out to film a 4AD Session with filmmaker and photographer Andreas Waldschuetz in his adopted Austria. Recorded in the outskirts of Vienna, SOHN – flanked by his live band Albin Janoska (synths) and Stefan Fallmann (bass) – performed four songs from his forthcoming album Tremors. The first of those videos to be posted online today is current single ‘Artifice’.

The creative partnership between SOHN and Waldschuetz spans many years, and of late has seen the latter embrace unique techniques to capture SOHN visually, as can be seen in his previous work with the London-born producer – the unplugged live performance of Tremors opener ‘Tempest’:

“‘Artifice’ was shot in a wide open studio space outside of Vienna – the biggest soundstage in Austria,” says Austrian filmmaker Andreas Waldschuetz. “I chose a reduced and slick backdrop for the video as I wanted to the overall look to be completely clean and futuristic. I recently rewatched Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey 2001 and was pretty inspired by it. Listening to ‘Artifice’ the first thing that popped into my head were neon tubes – I love neon lights. I love its coldness and sterility, and the graphical element that comes with it. All in all a glitchy piece of art.”

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