Sofia Härdig debuts new single “Low and Slow”

Sofia Härdig debuts new single "Low and Slow."

Multi-instrumental Sofia Härdig, has worked with household Swedish names like the Grammy Award winners The Hellacopters and Bob Hund. Additionally, she has worked with Yoshimi from Boredoms and Free Kitten. The list of artists she has performed alongside is ever-growing. Today, she is debuting her latest single, “Low And Slow”, to the world.

Sonically, “Low And Slow” has a feel of LeTigre’s female led unapologetic attitude fused with the timeless energy of Sonic Youth. Hailes “the rocktronica queen of experimental music” in her native country, she remains truthful to her artistic vision. Sofia explains, “I find beauty in flaws and that which is not perfect is what excites me, I love the unusual, the unexpected, untrained and unplanned… I hope my music portrays that in its sound.

“My biggest inspiration for this track was my reunion with my Gibson firebird guitar. It’s from 65 and have a life of it’s own. The track kind of wrote it self on this guitar. To be able to master the first version of this track I took the very same guitar to the pawn shop. But no worries after a couple of gigs it came back to me again. And I kind of like the symetry of this…

It’s all recorded live in one take. Together With a handfull of handpicked musicians know for their improvisation skills. I just added a bit of synths and backing vocals in the mix.

I wrote this song during a pact with a friend who lives in Berlin. Where we had to finish something each day for a month. a piece of lyric, a song, a baseline… Sending the bits and pieces for ok to Berlin over email. I got a lot of songs written this way and this is one of them… While he emailed me back his super collider tasks he given himself. So a lot of time spent alone in my studio working into late hours… To get something to send…

It’s all about smashing clichés in all possible ways. Using them and tear them apart… ”