So Stressed stream single “The King’s Wig”

So Stressed stream new single "The King's Wig".

So Stressed recently announced details of their forthcoming new album, Please Let Me Know, along with sharing the first single, “The King’s Wig.”

So Stressed’s Morgan Fox explained the making of the track, to the Fader saying, “It was the first thing we wrote after finishing our last full-length and if I remember correctly, we wrote it really quickly. The words for the song came together while driving home after our last show on a short tour. I was feeling disillusioned about some things at the time so this song is kind of a downer, if you ask me. I certainly don’t recommend writing anything while simultaneously driving a van full of people in the rain, but it happened and this is the result.”

Unlike their 2015 album, The Unlawful Trade of Greco-Roman Art, which took two and a half years to write and record, Please Let Me Know was written in less than a year and then quickly recorded, mixed and mastered by their friend Pat Hills at Earth Tone Studio.

“As far as making the record, we were definitely less focused on a specific sound when we were writing this,” explains So Stressed’s Morgan Fox. “We wanted the last one to be cold and digital sounding and really harsh to listen to, which I think it is. This one is pretty harsh too, but we also allowed ourselves to kind of do whatever we wanted as long as all three of us liked it and it was fun to play. Ugly noise is cool, but so is melody.”

So Stressed initially began in Sacramento, CA as a largely improvisational noise project that included the band’s three members (Morgan Fox, Andrew Garcia and Kenneth Draper). Their new album, Please Let Me Know, will be released by Ghost Ramp on Feb. 17, 2017.

So Stressed
Please Let Me Know
Ghost Ramp
Feb. 17, 2017

1. Fur Sale
2. Majestic Face
3. Old Hiss
4. Peach
5. The King’s Wig
6. Dessert
7. Subsequent Rips
8. Haricot Vert
9. Holy Spirit Is Evidently At Work
10. Shaved Muscles