“Small Fires” by A Troop Of Echoes

Today, A Troop of Echoes share the first video from their recent album The Longest Year on Record. The clip for “Small Fires” follows the album from creation & recording through to the band’s tour following its release.

A Troop of Echoes has an ability to encompass multiple moods within a single song – at times simultaneously sounding both soothing and unsettling; other times both wistful and hopeful. In that, their sound is truly cinematic. Not “cinematic” in the banal manner used to describe expansive music that’s ultimately sonic wallpaper, but in that A Troop of Echoes uses unique characteristics of each instrument – guitar, saxophone, bass and drums – the same way that a masterful director uses angles, lighting, editing, etc., to convey complex details of story and emotion.

The melodic work of Troop saxophonist Peter Gilli often interweaves with the chiming and textural feel to guitarist Nick Cooper’s parts as the two often create a swirling tug and sway driven by bassist Harrison Hartley’s chordal riffs and drummer Dan Moriarty’s symphonic approach to the rhythms.

Writing for The Longest Year on Record, Troop began working with a wider palate of instrumentation, including strings, horns, vibraphone, vocals, and a drum team. The Longest Year on Record was tracked almost exclusively in the band’s practice space by longtime friend Graham Mellor, mixed by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Pelican) at The Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn.

Artist: A Troop of Echoes
Album: The Longest Year on Record
Label: A Troop of Echoes

01. Manifest and Legion
02. Small Fires
03. Arecibo
04. Kerosene
05. Severna
06. Constellation
07. Broadway Ghost
08. The Longest Year on Record
09. Pure Alexia (Is It Silent In This Room?)


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