Slothrust Share “Once More For The Ocean”

Slothrust share new single/video "Once More For The Ocean"
Slothrust "Once More For The Ocean"

Slothrust have dropped a new video for “Once More For The Ocean.” The single is off their forthcoming release Parallel Timeline, available on September 10, 2021 via Dangerbird Records. The video that mirrors the song’s love for the ocean and questions the mysticism and duality of self and through a quest for meaning — and it comes complete with yet another epic guitar solo from Slothrust bandleader Leah Wellbaum. On the new song, she says:

“This song felt like it was handed to me by the ocean. It came to me when I was sitting on some rocks and staring at one of my favorite oceans in the world, on Star Island off the coast of Rye, New Hampshire. The bass line arrived first, and then the melody and the lyrics came at the same time. I didn’t have an instrument with me that week so I sang what I had into my phone notes and carried on with my day, almost forgetting about it entirely. I have a unique relationship with this song because it felt like it came through me more than from me, though I recognize that really there is no difference. It is not the easiest song to sing or explain. At times I even wondered if it might be suited for a different artist. However after sitting with it for a while I have come to the conclusion that this song was meant for me and it is about the search for a greater consciousness in times of chaos. For me that feeling of oneness often shows up when I am spending time in nature.”

On the video, she adds, “This video is about an epic search. So many times when we are searching we are looking outside of ourselves because it is the only way we know. But the truth is, what we are really looking for lives within. It is ourselves that we are looking for. Sometimes we just aren’t quite sure which self it is, or how to get there.

I have always been interested in the intersection of destiny, and free will. Do these things exist? Can we ever really know them? Since this song came to me while I was staring at the ocean, it only felt right to explore this idea with nature, and also with mirrors.”

Parallel Timeline

01. Cranium
02. Once More For The Ocean
03. Courtesy
04. The Next Curse
05. Strange Astrology
06. Waiting
07. King Arthur’s Seat
08. A Giant Swallow
09. White Rabbits
10. Parallel Timeline

Pre-save Parallel Timeline HERE


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