Slime Shares ‘At Sea Again ft. Selah Sue’

Slime Shares Single, ‘At Sea Again ft. Selah Sue’

Will Archer, AKA Slime, has today shared a final glimpse of his forthcoming debut album Company, out August 14th via Weird World. ‘At Sea Again ft. Selah Sue’ sees Archer team up with Selah Sue. Hugely successful in her native Belgium and France, Sue’s vocals are usually found in less adventurous settings but under Archer’s guidance they become an almost entirely different sound.

Company will be available on CD, LP, Deluxe LP, and digitally. The Deluxe LP is heavyweight coloured, off white vinyl and comes with a bonus CD-R mixtape of original material by Slime.

Company Tracklisting

1. Thurible
2. Striding Edge
3. Hot Dog
4. My Company
5. In One Year
6. Symptoms
7. The Way of Asprilla
8. At Sea Again Ft. Selah Sue
9. Patricia’s Stories Ft. Jeremiah Jae
10. Down and Tell