Sleigh Bells debut single “I Can Only Stare”

Sleigh Bells debut single "I Can Only Stare". The track is off their forthcoming release 'Jessica Rabbit'.

Sleigh Bells have released a new song entitled “I Can Only Stare.” The song is the latest offering from their forthcoming album, Jessica Rabbit, set for release on the band’s newly-formed label, Torn Clean, on November 11, 2016.

“I Can Only Stare” is a brilliant, head-spinning standout from Jessica Rabbit, an album that does not sound like anything Sleigh Bells has ever done — or anyone has ever done, for that matter. Jessica Rabbit is the sonic equivalent of firing synapses, with melodies zig-zagging in different directions in a beautiful and ever-modulating controlled chaos. It is playful but darkly so; flirtatious but caustic; ebullient but downright sinister. Singer Alexis Krauss has moved from the baby coo of the band’s earlier material into full powerhouse mode, singing with a visceral urgency that was absent from previous releases. Tempo changes stretch the songs in different directions, like an attention span gone haywire. It is a record that is wholly unique in sound and purpose, an unabashed and unafraid statement from a band that has made offending rote conceptions of pop music their signature and greatest strength.

Sleigh Bells
Jessica Rabbit track listing:

01 It’s Just Us Now
02 Torn Clean
03 Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold
04 I Can’t Stand You Anymore
05 Crucible
06 Loyal For
07 I Can Only Stare
08 Throw Me Down the Stairs
09 Unlimited Dark Paths
10 I Know Not to Count on You
11 Rule Number One
12 Baptism by Fire
13 Hyper Dark
14 As If

Sleigh Bells tour dates:
11/11/16 San Diego, CA @ Observatory North Park
11/12-13/16 Los Angeles, CA @ Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival
11/15/16 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
11/16/16 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
11/18/16 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
11/19/16 Seattle, WA @ Neumos