“Sleep On Me” By Creams

"Sleep on Me" by Creams is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Sleep on Me" by Creams

Tbilisi, Georgia-based artist and producer, Creams, has shared the title track for her debut Sleep On Me EP. On “Sleep On Me,” Creams, aka Natia Chichinadze, the artist takes her inspiration a range of influences, including Joni Mitchell, Captain Beefheart, FKA Twigs, Tarantino, the work of 14th-century novelist Giovanni Bocaccio and the anonymous, beautiful landscapes and endless horizons of her hometown, Natia says her creativity comes from instinct: her gut “never fails.”

Creams AKA: Natia Chichinadze on “Sleep On Me:”

The song is like a fragment from my subconscious. I pushed myself to dive deeper into unconventional and distressing themes that are often overlooked — the kind that can be repressed in modern culture and live in the shadows. I believe there are beauty and power in shining light on uncomfortable topics, and this is what I wanted to reflect in this body of work. As a whole, the EP speaks on my insecurities and the power I possess when facing them. It’s like Pandora’s box .. a closed Pandora’s box.” About the video, she adds, “This music video feels like a fusion of cold and warm air; at parts, it is dark, inky, and a bit doomy. At others, it gets to be the complete opposite: radiant, bright, cheerful, with a blue sky that almost hurts to look at. The two sides of the human psyche are presented as coexistent and in a natural motion. It gets risky, quick — you don’t even feel the radical, drastic transitions as it stands as one whole piece.”

Emerging from Georgia, a small country fuelled by geopolitical tensions on the borders of Europe and Asia, Creams speaks four different languages and insists that the circumstances of her generation prepared her for battle, using her music to convey youth-led tales of disenfranchisement and disillusionment. Driving every aspect of the songwriting process is also paramount to Creams’ creative output. She writes, plays, and produces all of the records herself from concept to master, and spends her spare hours hacking plugins and tirelessly hustling to make these records come to life. Through her prism, soundwaves become refracted colors, lyrics are dark mantras and her ethereal attitude glides above celestial melodies and lightweight beats. It’s music that bores deep into the skull and sticks to skin like sweet, gluey glitter.

Sleep On Me EP by Creams is out now, buy/stream it HERE


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