Sivu Premieres “Dumb” (Nirvana Cover)

Sivu Premieres "Dumb" (Nirvana Cover), Debut US Single “Can't Stop Now” Out April 8th Via Canvasclub. Sivu plays in Leeds, UK on April 10th


Born in the sleepy town of St.Ives, Cambridgeshire, but moving to London to pursue music, 24-year-old James Page struggled to adapt to the capital. He worked as an administrator for a bailiff company, played a crash-course of depressing open mic nights, and then took up a permanent fixture in a call centre in Waterloo – the latter of which strengthened his work ethic, and the songwriting process itself.

Sivu’s luck began to change when, whilst playing bass for a friend’s band, he struck up a relationship with Charlie Andrew, who has since produced Alt J’s Mercury-nominated ‘An Awesome Wave’. Charlie encouraged him to keep pursuing his own material, as James began to build strange sounds and textures around these dark yet ultimately hopeful songs. The MRI-machine video for ‘Better Man Than He’ went viral, and even more people began to take notice. During the summer of 2013, after delaying the process for as long as humanly possible, Sivu finally handed in his notice at the call centre. Since when he has been in the studio working on his debut album with Charlie.

Live Sivu takes on many forms, primarily playing with a 4 piece band replicating the depth of sound heard on record. He has also spent time playing solo and with an array of string players along the way. 2013 saw Sivu on the road extensively in the UK and Europe with acts including London Grammar, The Staves, and Stornoway. In the UK Sivu has released three singles to date through small independent labels before being picked up by Atlantic Records.

On April 6th, Sivu will release their debut US single, “Can’t Stop Now” on Canvasclub, the new singles series by Canvasback Music, home to Frightened Rabbit and The Orwells.

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