“Sinker” By Downhaul

"Sinker" by Downhaul is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Sinker" by Downhaul is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Downhaul, are back with new single “Sinker,” the track is now available via Self Aware Records. The band includes vocalist/guitarist Gordon Phillips, drummer Andrew Seymour, guitarist Robbie Ludvigsen, and new bassist Chandler Brooks. “Sinker” sees the band melding the uptempo exuberance of their early EPs to alt-country-tinged guitar licks and anthemic choruses bolstered by Brooks’ harmonies. Phillips says of his writing proess that he “tried to hold the songs to ‘The Campfire Test,’ which is basically the idea that a song works if it’s good when you play it alone on acoustic guitar, without the rest of the band or anything ornate you might do in the studio.” The band are inspired by artists John K. Samson and Blake Schwartzenbach as well as bands like The Wrens or Drive-By Truckers.

Speaking to the new single, Phillips writes; “My first (non-ska) band was kind of a suburban high schooler’s take on folk punk and basically all our songs used this same strum pattern/backbeat. I’ve heard it called a “train beat” before and, for some reason, it just seems to lend itself to nice vocal melodies. I love the bounce of Chandler’s bass part through the verses, which adds a cool floating feel to the song’s momentum. The studio version of this song is pretty concise and streamlined, but we stretch it out a bit live and give everybody the chance to play”

Order “Sinker” by Downhaul HERE


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