Sian Cross debuts single “What Do You Learn”

Sian Cross debuts new single "What Do You Learn"
Sian Cross

The new single “What Do You Learn” from UK singer/sonwriter Sian Cross, has been described a BANKS/ Goldfrappe / Frou Frou styled anthem to self-love. Like every song on Sian’s last two EPs, it’s based on an interview with a real person. This song describes his struggle to love himself and find his own path. It’s an intriguing mix of delicate verses and explosive electro-pop choruses, that builds to an intense conclusion. As ever, Sian’s vocal sears the heart – at turns fascinating and beautiful – as she urges us to reflect on our own experiences and ask, “What Do You Learn?”

Sian Cross on “What Do You Learn”:

“Be You Bravely. As I release What Do You Learn, the last single from my second EP, I’m reflecting on my journey. When I ask myself what I’ve learned there are three words that come to mind and I think they sum up the message of the single and in fact the whole project; Be YOU Bravely.”


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