Shopping perform track for FatCat session

Shopping share a clip for the single "For Your Money" from their new album 'Consumer Complaints'

Shopping have released their new album Consumer Complaints, today in North America via Fat Cat Records. Shopping includes members Rachel Aggs (guitar), Billy Easter (bass) and Andrew Milk (drums), Shopping play propulsive bass lines, primitive disco-not-disco drums and guitar lines sharp as broken glass. It’s a sound and attitude remindful of some of the best of 70’s post-punk — Gang of Four, ESG, The Slits, Raincoats, and Delta 5. Watch the ban perform the track “For Your Money,” below.

Shopping self-released Consumer Complaints overseas last year via their own, MÏLK Records, hand-delivering copies to record stores all over London and selling out of their first pressing almost immediately. This fall, Shopping will deliver their follow-up LP and embark on their first US tour, which will include a stop at CMJ.The band will share more details on all live dates soon.

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