“Shockerbaby” des hume

Thom Kolb makes music under the moniker des hume. The Vancouver based musician/producer released his debut album Bub (an archival record of early recordings), via Bandcamp in February 2021. From Kolb: “des hume’s tentatively titled forthcoming release FM.era, is an imagined exploration of broadcasts caught between stations: a 20-odd track double LP that blurs genre boundaries, gleefully pulls from past and present influences and touches on true love, AI, and webcam masturbation.”

“Shockerbaby,” was written and recorded in Kolb’s home studio during the first lockdown. The track, reminiscent of Alex G and porches, is about the complexities of jumping headfirst into a relationship (in my case, choosing to move in with someone as soon shelter in place rules came in effect) and feeling uncertain about opening up too soon. The video shot by his friends at BUB, who recreated the 1990 film Ghost with him and his girlfriend over 2 days at her apartment. The video features floating guitars, dancing paintbrushes, a fight montage, completed with a surprise ending.

Kolb’s music has been featured on BBC Radio 1, KEXP, Spotify’s ‘Chill Vibes’/’Fresh Finds’/’Out Now’ playlists and on the Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things.

Order or stream “Shockerbaby” des hume HERE


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