“Sheets” By Lumer

"Sheets" by UK band Lumer is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is now available via various DSPs
"Sheets" by Lumer

“”The Sheets” spirals with the sadness of a broken heart and the juxtaposition between hatred and love. The eventual downtrodden title track, ‘Disappearing Act’ focuses on a man’s final days reflecting on his experiences with loss and profound emptiness. It’s a sobering sentiment of hopes and dreams diminished as he slips finally into oblivion.”

From Lumer vocalist Alex Evans:

“The entire writing process felt incredibly easy. It takes, whoever can be bothered to listen, down a bitter road of different experiences and what we despise in the world. It talks of love, hate, hope and death, and ultimately the personal things that affects the majority of people’s lives.”


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