“She Said” By Velvet Starlings

Velvet Starlings recently shared a video for “She Said.” The song is off the Los Angeles band’s debut album, Technicolour Shakedown, which drops on September 29 via Sound x 3 Records, with the vinyl release by Kitten Robot in the US. The band is led by Christian Gisborne and he shares, “The song combines our love of 60’s Doors signature style organ riffs. But quickly takes a left turn into a frenzied ‘beach fuzz’ garage punk territory. It tells a tale of instant attraction, coupled with the excitement, energy and adrenaline of ‘cutting a rug’ on the sweaty dance floor of a California house party going til dawn and watching sun coming up across the bay.”

Technicolour Shakedown is the follow up to 2019’s EP Love Everything, Love Everyone. Christian – who turned 18 in May released his debut self-titled EP Velvet Starlings when he was 15. Speaking about the album Gisborne says “in the doom and gloom of Covid I found myself reminiscing all the time about the days when we would wait in line for hours to see our favorite bands. The songs on the first album reflect everything I felt I was missing out on.”

With a bevvy of new songs written and ready to unleash, Gisborne was craving the comradery of a band. He turned to brothers Foster and Hudson Poling who play drums and bass respectively. They first met in line outside of a 2019 Cage The Elephant show and, discovering a shared love of The Who and SpongeBob, quickly found themselves making a plan to meet up at a rehearsal space to jam. Gisborne had previously used session musicians to augment his live set but as his friendship with the Polings grew, so did his realization that they were the perfect fit for this new era of Velvet Starlings.

Looking to 2021 and beyond Christian says, “I think a Rock n Roll renaissance is coming after this crazy year of lock down. We’re hoping that a full front-to-back of Technicolour Shakedown will evoke the feeling you get at a rock n roll house party – wherever the listener may find themself.”

Velvet Starlings
Technicolour Shakedown
Track listing

1. She Said (She Said)
2. Checkmate
3. Back Of The Train
4. Can’t Control
5. There’s Nobody There
6. No Regrets
7. Colours On The Canvas
8. Young Ideas
9. Technicolour Shakedown
10. Turn It On

Velvet Starlings
Tour Dates:

9/17/21 – Milwaukee, WI – Summerfest
9/23/21 – Long Beach, CA – Long Beach Grand Prix
10/1/21 – Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory
10/2/21 – Reno, NV – Off Beat Music Festival
11/9/21 – Los Angeles, CA – Zebulon