Shanghai Restoration Project Involuntary Prophet

Shanghai Restoration Project have shared their new single "Involuntary Prophet," the track is off their forthcoming Brave New World Symphony
Shanghai Restoration Project "Involuntary Prophet"

Shanghai Restoration Project is comprised of Dave Liang and Sun Yunfan. The Brooklyn based electronic duo’s soundscape often uses poetic melodies to draw audiences into imaginary settings where unexpected adventures unfold with a dissonant and polyrhythmic palette. In the shadow of murmuring outer space particles, one might encounter atonal analog synth lines against the backdrop of a tropical storm, household item percussion, and lost and found street sounds from around the world.

Initially inspired by the 1930s Shanghai jazz scene, SRP started out in 2006 as a solo project of Dave Liang. Having cut his teeth as a producer within the Bad Boy Records system, Liang’s early works such as Instrumentals: Day – Night stood out for their organic synthesis of Chinese instrumentation and hip-hop. With Zodiac, SRP began expanding stylistically and brought choral music, electronica, and folk into its lexicon.

In 2011 Liang met multidisciplinary artist Sun Yunfan and the two soon started collaborating – first on music videos and live performance visuals and later on songwriting and production, beginning with 2015’s playful fusion album Life Elsewhere featuring jazz vocalist Zhang Le.

In 2017, the duo released R.U.R., a dark futuristic electronic album that imagines a world in which humans have been replaced by robots, who are trying to understand what led to its predecessors’ extinction. This release marked the group’s shift toward introspection: how to dream a different future and find balance in a changing world.

Brave New World Symphony, which drops on Dec 11, is the group’s latest release, was crafted entirely under quarantine in NYC during the pandemic. Stuck indoors in Brooklyn, the group crafted a collection of songs reacting to the individual and societal changes they observed during this unsettling time. Ahead of the album’s release the duo have given fans a taste of the LP, with the track “Involuntary Prophet.”

Shanghai Restoration Project
Brave New World Symphony

1. R0
2. Involuntary Prophet
3. Present Continuous
4. Quest For The Silver Bullet
5. Hart Island Rhythm
6. Balcony Garden
7. Positive Disintergration
8. Night Odyssey
10. Zoom Christmas

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