SHAMS Announces ‘Piano Cloud’ EP

Shams announces release of Piano Cloud

SHAMS is back with Piano Cloud, a new EP out May 21st on independent label 100% Silk. Leading off with first single “She Wanted To Watch,” the record is full of smooth beats and soulful house with a flow that fits somewhere between 3 AM and brunch” according to the artist himself, Brooklyn-based Jonathan Coward”.

New York based performer and producer Jonathan Coward has been recording under the name SHAMS since 2006. Coward’s music has been birthed from an intense love for deep and soulful house with a backbone in minimalism and Musique concrète.

Longtime musings with Sade, duplicitous encounters with smooth jazz, and the longing spiritual cry of Rhodes’ piano driven house culls the essence of SHAMS’ most recent release, Piano Cloud. The music of SHAMS folds the temporal expanse between a party at The Loft and a loft party.

Piano Cloud is out May 21st, 2013 on 100% Silk.

Piano Cloud Tracklisting /

1. Piano Cloud
2. She Wanted To Watch
3. Only If There Is Nothing
4. Stare Into
5. Cloth
6. Wasted


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