Secretly Canadian Reveals Songs: Ohia Box Set

Secretly Canadian Reveals Songs: Ohia records store day Box Set. Journey on Collected singles will be released everywhere April 19th Record store day.

Secretly Canadian has revealed  Journey OnCollected Singles, a deluxe box set of rare recordings from Jason Molina’s Songs: Ohia, for Record Store Day 2014.

Gathered within Journey On: Collected Singles are the charming, haunting and elegantly disparate moments lost in the void of limited pressings and merch tables across Songs: Ohia’s six year course. With this set of thoughtfully resurrected tokens listeners will have something tangible by which to remember a great artist gone too soon as well as these cherished moments.

This set of nine 7″s is packaged in a clothbound, foil-stamped clamshell box and accompanied by a 24-page booklet, a CD containing all tracks, and a custom 7″ turntable adaptor with the iconic Songs: Ohia crossbow logo lazer-etched in wood.

Pick up one of these box sets from your local record store on April 19th.

Songs: Ohia

Journey On: Collected Singles

Out April 19th – Record Store Day

Tracklist (9 x 7-inch + CD)

1A – “Boys”

1B – “Trans Am”

2A – “Freedom Pt. 2″

2B – “Soul”

3A – “Waltham: Simply Unite The Name”

3B – “Napoleon: How We Have Ranged”

4A – “Vanquisher”

4B – “Nay Tis Not Death”

5A – “7th Street Wonderland”

5B – “Darling You Are…”

6A – “How To Be Perfect Men”

6B – “Journey On”

7A – “Fade Street”

7B – “Lioness”

8A – “The Gray Tower”

8B – “Black Link to Fire Link”

9A – “Keep It Steady”

9B – “United of Lost Alone”











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