Seapony Announce New album ‘A Vision’

Seapony have announced new album 'Vision'

Seapony has released the first single, “Saw the Light” from their upcoming LP, A Vision which will be self-released by the band on July 31st. It’s the first new track from Seapony since the 2012 release of their LP, Falling which came out Hardly Art.

Vocalist Jen Weidl & guitarist Danny Rowland spent years writing and recording together before relocating to Seattle in 2010. Once there, the longtime couple teamed up with bassist Ian Brewer and a vintage drum machine, thus forming Seapony. The trio sought to create simple, catchy melodies that fused together elements of shoegaze and surf.

After a summer of recording, Seapony posted a free EP online. They played their very first show soon after, opening for former Vivian Girl Katy Goodman’s new band, La Sera, and Mexican Summer’s No Joy. A representative from local record label Hardly Art was in attendance and a relationship formed between the band and label.

Over the next three years Seapony released two full length albums on Hardly Art (Go With Me, and Falling) and toured the UK, Europe, and Japan. Being primarily a recording project from the onset, the band forged their live sound as they went. They eventually replaced their live automated drum machine sounds with drummer Aaron Voros. Over time, the band developed a more natural sound with increased emphasis on clean tones and acoustic guitars.

In 2013, Seapony went on an unscheduled hiatus that would last nearly two years. They continued to record new tracks occasionally, eventually amassing enough material for their third LP, A Vision which features some of the band’s most fully realized songs to date.

Like other Seapony albums, the music was recorded at their makeshift home studio, with the exception of drums. A Vision is the first Seapony record to feature live drums, which were recorded at legendary producer Jack Endino’s Soundhouse Studio.

Tracklisting: Seapony – A Vision

01. Saw The Light
02. Bad Dream
03. Couldn’t Be
04. Everyday All Alone
05. Hollow Moon
06. Let Go
07. A Place We Can Go
08. Go Nowhere
09. In Heaven
10. New Circle
11. A Vision

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