Sean Nicholas Savage “I Believe In Everything”

Sean Nicholas Savage Debuts "I Believe In Everything"
Sean Nicholas Savage "I Believe In Everything"

Sean Nicholas Savage will release his new album Life is Crazy on October 2nd, via Arbutus Records. The full-length was Conceived in his transition to theatre, Life Is Crazy sees Savage continuing to explore territory he marked out with his musical “Please Thrill Me”, and is at once an immersive and deeply emotive experience. First single “I Believe in Everything” is the rousing, heart cracking first fruit of his efforts, a soaring paean to the power of hopeless optimism. In his words:

“Last year I went alone to valencia to finish writing my musical. I was out of time, and for this song, the music demanded a big lyric. I reached deep into my exhausted spirit and to me what came out that night means something like;”now I’ve seen it all, my reservations are defeated, my preconceptions are broken, nothing will surprise me, nothing is impossible.”

Life Is Crazy’s collaborators are decidedly new as well. The piano is interpreted and performed by renowned virtuoso Marcin Masecki, winner of the 2005 International Jazz Piano Competition in Moscow, while the strings are arranged and performed by Grammy-winning composer Owen Pallett. The end result is a compelling push-pull of beautiful, ambigious melodies, reflections and perceptions, all in a world of their own.

Sean Nicholas Savage
Life Is Crazy

1. Years From Tonight
2. Nothing As It Seems
3. I Believe In Everything
4. A Moment
5. Life Is Crazy
6. Thrill Me
7. Mysteries
8. Save My Life
9. Vanishing
10. In The Silence Of The Crowd

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