Sealions share “Honey” video

Atlanta's Sealions share striking "Honey" video 'Number One Lover' EP (Produced by Jason Kingsland- Band of Horses, Cults) out 9/9 on Deer Bear Wolf

Having cut their teeth on numerous projects throughout high school and college, Atlanta natives Jason Travisand Joey Patino formed Sealions in an effort to reach through the apathetic din of modern guitar rock and grasp something inventive and invasive. Sealions draws equal inspiration from the fuzzy guitars of 90’s West Coast alternative, the bubbly synthesizers of English new wave and French house, and the vocal harmonies of 70’s American super-pop groups. Joined by drummer John Craig and bassist/guitarist Keith Edmiston in 2009, the band continues to float genre lines unapologetically between dance and rock music. Their newest release Number One Lover shows a new side of the band, a five song EP of the band’s catchiest tracks to date produced with the aid of Jason Kingsland (Band of Horses, Washed Out, Cults). Number One Lover EP will be released via Atlanta collective Deer Bear Wolf on September 9th, 2014 and today, the video for first single “Honey” filmed over a weekend in a warehouse in Atlanta.

The tracks of Number One Lover came together over a number of sessions in Atlanta in 2013. “[Kingsland] is a great producer”, Patino says. “It took working with him to figure out how to be a rock band. That’s all we did growing up, and I think we forgot what it was like to be a young kid thrashing on a guitar.”

Number One Lover EP 
Out September 9th, 2014 on Deer Bear Wolf 

Setting Suns

Upcoming Sealions Live Dates:
Sat 8/30- EP Release Show @ The Earl- Atlanta, GA

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