Samia Debuts Video For “Ode To Artifice”

Samia has shared her video for "Ode To Artifice"
Samia "Ode To Artifice"

22 year-old New Yorker, Samia has shared her video for “Ode To Artifice,” directed by Nick D’agostino (and features a cameo from Mary-Louise Parker. According to Samia, “‘Ode to Artifice’ is a desperate plea; my authentic self is lusting after my stage/party persona and begging her to merge. Nick D’agostino and I decided to tell the story of a girl who spends weeks obsessing over the way she’ll present herself at prom, only to discover that she is grossly underdressed compared to the more colorful and popular version of herself who is thriving at the event.” Nick D’agostino adds “While it’s super fun and up-tempo, the song resonates with me for a much darker reason. It seems that everyone is constantly projecting, curating, and uploading different versions of themselves to the world. Be it who they hope to be or to hide something they are, we’re relying on these personas to carry a part of our personalities for us. What better place is there to explore an encounter with a performed version of oneself than a high school prom?”

Samia draws from the same well of sharp-witted lyricism as forebears old and new — from Patti Smith to Liz Phair to Josh Tillman. In an especially meaningful feat for Samia, Father John Misty stumbled upon her single “The Night Josh Tillman Listened To My Song,” and promptly professed his love for it online.

With her double A-side single “Lasting Friend” / “Paris,” Samia has further proven her profound skill at transforming painful or ugly or entirely ordinary moments into something transcendent. Backed by Brooklyn band Active Bird Community, Samia eschews any moralizing in favor of an understated but defiant repetition of the song’s key lyric (“I’m not ashamed of my past”).

For “Paris,” Samia strips back to a stark arrangement of acoustic guitar and fragile vocal work, centering the song on her point-blank storytelling (“I’m sorry I dragged you to Starbucks/I thought you were being too proud”), then closing out with a heartbreaker of a final line. Like “Lasting Friend,” “Paris” came to life in collaboration with producer Christopher Daly (Diet Cig, Porches), who helped instill the track with the austerity Samia had long intended. Samia adds “I went to Paris with someone towards the end of a relationship and spent the whole time failing to prove that I was European. I am not. Turns out it’s okay to be yourself, people will love you for who you are, etc.”

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