Sam Rae debuts “It’s Alright It’s Ok” video

Sam Rae debuts video for “It’s Alright.

Today, Sam Rae debuts new video for the single “It’s Alright”. The track comes off the forthcoming release Bring Us To New Islands, out April 21st.

Sam’s music, has been described as vulnerable, that crosses her haunting vocals with looped cello and midwest soulful folk underpinnings. You can definitely hear that on “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” the album’s opener, as it juxtaposes the music’s transient flow with lyrics about personal entanglement. She has some interesting history too — she accompanied Brandi Carlile on the un-amplified Pin Drop Tour, and has collaborated with folk singer Gregory Alan Isakov, amongst others.

Quote from Sam Rae on video

“This video reveals the forwards and backwards movement that I experience within this beautiful mess that is love. It’s a history of wilderness that is exhausting and simoultaneously enchanting. There was a day when I was drawn towards the idea of a partnership, now I’m swimming around in it and it’s an experience I tried to replicate in this video.”