Sally Shapiro Shares Details Of Sad Cities LP

Sally Shapiro, The Italian-disco Swedish duo, will release their new LP Sad Cities, Feb 18th 2022 via Italians Do It Better
Sally Shapiro, The Italian-disco Swedish duo announce new LP Sad Cities

Sally Shapiro, is comprised of made up of Shapiro & producer Johan Agebjörn. The Swedish Italo disco/ ynthpop duo, will release their new album Sad Cities on Feb 18th 2022 via Italians Do It Better. Ahead of the release, the band are sharing their new single & video “Forget About You”.

Seems like ages, since Sally Shapiro shared their first song online, Italians Do It Better’s introduction to the pair was“I’ll Be By Your Side”, a shimmering Italo Disco track with ethereal vocals that hypnotised everyone who heard it. Johan’s elegant production was years ahead of what anyone else was doing at the time, & the elusive falsetto of the dreamlike singer was unforgettable.

Sally Shapiro’s sound was a definitely a different take on the romantic club music of the mid 1980’s. At the time you could count the artists exploring this territory on one hand. Johnny Jewel began corresponding with Johan later that year resulting in Agebjörn’s remix of Glass Candy’s “The Chameleon”. The seminal After Dark compilation had come out that summer & the kindred spirits kept in touch.

Their debut album saw remixes by other likeminded producers like Lindstrøm, Tensnake, Junior Boys, CFCF, & Juan MacLean. In 2009, My Guilty Pleasure, picks up where Disco Romance left off. They collaborated with Electric Youth (known from the ”Drive” soundtrack) on their third album Somewhere Else in 2013.

Johan has also collaborated with Lindstrøm, Glass Candy, Annie, Wolfram, Hercules & Love Affair, & more. In 2018 he produced the addictive Samantha Fox single “Hot Boy”. Sally is notoriously shy, remaining shrouded in anonymity. To this day she insists on recording her vocals alone in the studio & refuses to perform her songs live. In 2016, the duo went underground & released what was thought to have been their final single.

Working in deep seclusion over the last half decade, they record “Sad Cities”, an incredible collection out on February 18th 2022 via Italians Do It Better. A gorgeous bouquet of pure electronic bliss mixed by Johan Agebjörn & Johnny Jewel. The enigmatic duo re-surfaced from the underground with “Fading Away”, a first look at a new era, and now shares “Forget About You”, the latest installment from their new upcoming full length.

Sally Shapiro
Sad Cities
track list
Italians Do It Better

1. Forget About You
2. Believe In Me
3. Down This Road (Feat. Highway Superstar)
4. Sad City
5. Dulcinea
6. Falling Clouds
7. Love in Slow Motion (Feat. Electric Youth)
8. Million Ways
9. Tell Me How (Feat. Tommy ’86)
10. Christmas Escape
11. Fading Away

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