SALEM Red River

SALEM have shared a video for their new single “Red River.” The track arrives ahead of their full length album Fires In Heaven, available October 30th, on vinyl and digitally. Created by Nick Vernet and SALEM’s Jack Donoghue, the video is a lucid reflection on facial recognition surveillance technology set to the band’s score.

Last month SALEM signaled their return with back-to-back releases of their new single “Starfall” and the “STAY DOWN” mixtape. The impending Fires In Heaven represents the culmination of a long term recording process, and testament to Jack and John’s creative partnership and enduring friendship.

Fires In Heaven
Track List

1. Capulets
2. Fires In Heaven
3. Crisis
4. Sears Tower
5. Starfall
6. Wings
7. Red River
8. Old Gods
9. Braids
10. DieWithMe
11. Not Much Of A Life


Fires in Heaven by Salem, album review by Jahmeel Russell for Northern Transmissions

SALEM Fires in Heaven