“Sadness Is Taking Over” by Flora Cash

“Sadness Is Taking Over” by Flora Cash is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

Flora Cash are a Scandi duo that have taken upon themselves to sonically explore the diversity of human relationships. They go straight to places where tears are shed, chairs are thrown, discussions of parting are present, but the music is created regardless. Having “met” on Soundcloud and instantly e-hitting it off musically.

With the release of their upcoming new album, containing the “Sadness Is Taking Over” single, Flora Cash face their most challenging moments to date sewn deep into the music. They instantly share this uneasy and raw kind of anxiety with the listener, the type that affects one’s mind, body and then somehow manages to creep into every aspect of one’s life, soon to be in control of it. Topping the song with the backing vocals, in the style of Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, Cole and Shpresa are not only conveying their feelings but also examining them with each sung harmony.

The duo blend their deep love for acoustic soundscapes and layer it with just the right amount of ethereal production hinting at Mt Wolf, Poliça, Vogue Dots and Kings Of Convenience. Through the painful dialogue between Shpresa’s observations and Cole’s suffering, the duo succeeds at designing an inter-dimensional delicate yet mighty piece of music.

“Sadness Is Taking Over” creates a sonic desire for tranquillity and emotional freedom which despite the heartbreak, loss or destruction, aids one with the ability of personal growth and moving on. The single is now out via Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art.