Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs shares video

Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs is releasing a song and video by Madeira for the label's 35th release.

Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs is releasing a new song and video from Madeira for the label’s 35th release. Kim Pflaum’s first self-directed video for “Let Me Down” is a road trip across New Zealand’s South Island coast, taking in panoramic vista views and interspersing them with internal journeys.

It’s also a family affair, with her brother Kirk taking on the role of director of photography, while her sister Gemma plays a starring role. Set in her hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand, Madeira’s invites you on a tour across one of the most wild and enchanting landscapes in the world.

Taking in the wide expanses of the Canterbury Plains, waves crash in slow motion against fading amber light, and the camera pans across the Kaitorete Spit. “I wanted to focus more on the resolve to let go and move on.The video is visually warm and calm, but there’s still a darker side to it – mirroring the bittersweet nature of what I want my music to sound like.”

As we follow the protagonist on her journey disposing of all the physical evidence of lost love before the sun dips over the Banks Peninsula, there’s an acute acknowledgement of disappointment and the feeling of despondency it can leave, but also a sense of catharsis by the end of knowing you will work through heartbreak, even if it won’t be easy.