Ryal debut new video for “Charity”

Ryal debut new video for "Charity"

RYAL on the video:

Our co-writer on Charity, the UK-based, cinematic composer Christopher White, shot the most beautiful landscapes of East Sussex in the UK using a Drone. The moment we saw the first edit of the video, Aaron and I were in awe of how it brought a completely new meaning to the song. We only have one earth and we need to take care of it. Additionally the timing of the making of the video was uncanny. Chris completed it on May 24th/25th and then on June 1st Trump announced he was pulling the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. With the song being a response post US election and the importance of people who want something different for this country and world, is to stay and work to change it, we really felt this video was additional peaceful protest to these concerning times.

RYAL’s songs combine the influences of Solange with the dream pop of The xx, making for a project that’s an emotional and artistic vision with a glittering, inclusive world view. Her debut album is a joint effort between her and the renowned NYC producer Aaron Nevezie (of The Bunker fame), and they’ve come together to create an innovative sound that’s both classic and cutting edge, driven by the vintage electronic textures of pulsing modular synth bass lines locked to analog drum machines and keyboards.