Ruth Koleva debuts “What You Say To A Girl”

Ruth Koleva debuts video for "What You Say To A Girl"
ruth koleva

Today, sees the debut of the new video for “What You Say To A Girl”. The third single from Ruth Koleva’s new album Confidence. the video for her third single of her new and critically acclaimed new album ‘Confidence. Truth’, released in November last year. Directed by Sofia-based film and TV auteur Vito Bonev, the cinematic short story in What You Say To A Girl follows the troubled relationship of an abusive couple (Anastassiya Lyutova and Anastas Georgiev) at their worst behavior. A keen social activist in her home city of Sofia, Bulgaria, Ruth with the video is looking to raise awareness for various societal issues, especially violence towards women in particular. It features Tsvetana Maneva, the most famous Bulgarian actress of all time.

Quote from Ruth Koleva

“I wanted to raise awareness about the issue through music and visual. I am extremely grateful that an access as legendary Bulgarian actress as Tsvetana Maneva agreed to take part in this. It’s a great honor”. – Ruth Koleva

Ruth Koleva – What You Say To A Girl? from Vito Bonev on Vimeo.