Royal Trux ‘Accelerator’ (reissue) Available October 9 on Drag City

Royal Trux’s 1998 Accelerator created an ass-kicking music machine that still confronts today with its dialed-out production values rendering tunes of glittering platinum hooks and colored by numbers with hooligan-outfitted choruses.

Either you were all grown up at the age of twelve or you’re thirty and still a child. Whatever the case may be, this rock n roll brew has been concocted for your pre- and post-adolescent thirst. On Accelerator, Royal Trux roil out a crimson tide for your strain to walk upon. If you’ve got the guts to work underground, the silver and gold of guitars, drums, and vocal-hicular shrieks are here to be extracted for your profit. If you ever wondered: Could I walk on the water? if not a day passes without a stray hip-shake, or the looming prospect of a strut on the horizon, well, darling, they’ve saved this last tangle for you.


1. I’m Ready

2. Yellow Kid

3. The Banana Question

4. Another Year

5. Juicy Juicy Juice

6. Liar

7. New Bones

8. Follow the Winner

9. Stevie (For Stevie S)