ROOMRUNNER Announce New EP, Debut Track

After a much-needed break from nearly a year and a half of constant touring, Roomrunner are excited announce the follow up to their Ideal Cities LP in the form of Separate, the long-awaited EP that will see release via Accidental Guest Recordings on October 21. Listen to “Chrono Trigger”, the first offering from Separate, below.

Separate was Recorded last fall in the band’s hometown of Baltimore with producer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines). All four band members contributed to the writing process. The songs may surprise longtime fans as the quartet improves upon its hard-hitting, headbanging formula to make more complex and melody-charged music.

Singer-guitarist Denny Bowen-who wrote and recorded the first two Roomrunner releases himself, with the help of bandmate Dan Frome-allows his voice to be much more exposed on the Separate, showcasing his before-unheard versatility as a vocalist. Drummer Bret Lanahan worked with Bowen on the EP’s big vocal hooks and the dreamy harmony the record ends with. Lanahan’s ferocious drumming is bone-crushingly powerful throughout the record.

The songs come from a personal place, but also address time travel and density. “I used to use lyrics as a vehicle for sounding out weird combinations of words,” Bowen says. “Now it’s more of a way for actual release.” That’s most noticeable on the record’s beautiful closer, “Slow,” where Bowen sings about coming to term with disappointment: “And I’ll feel nothing, dreaming of no gravity, I want to float through the air.”




01. Ms. DNA

02. Chrono Trigger

03. ESPN Zone

04. Karn

05. Push Down & Turn

06. Slow

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