Roni Size Announces New Solo EP and Album

Roni Size Announces New Solo EP and Album in August via His New Label Mansion Sounds & As well, he has also Announced Return of Reprazent in 2015

British drum’n’bass pioneer Roni Size announced earlier this month that he will be releasing a new solo album Take Kontrol on August 25th via his new label Mansion Sounds.  The 16 track album is his first in nearly a decade and will be preceded by a six track EP on August 18th entitled Size Matters – featuring all carefully selected tracks from the forthcoming new album.  The music on Take Kontrol and Size Matters focuses purely on “dancefloor cuts for the heads,” with Size reprising his role as a producer/DJ away from the live environment he’s explored with Reprazent.  Size has also revealed that Reprazent will return later this year, with a new album set for release in early 2015.
On July 7th Size premiered his first new track from the upcoming pair of releases – “Made in Korea”   

In addition, Size is giving away a free track “Bite The Bullet (2014 remix)” to fans who sign up for his new mailing list via Facebook here and you can also sign up directly on the new site, the first stop for news on new releases, mixes, live dates and exclusive content.  
Size, who is now based out of London’s Metropolis Studios and splits his time between the capital and his native Bristol, is excited to be launching his new label Mansion Sounds with his first new album in ten years and said, “When I hear this music I hear a MANSION of possibilities. This is just the start of better things to come.”

In addition to the standard 16 track CD/digital album release of Take Kontrol, there will be an iTunes deluxe version that features 25 tracks and an exclusive DJ mix from Roni. Further details on Take Kontrol and Reprazent will be released soon.

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