Ron Gallo and Naked Giants reveal split 7″

Ron Gallo and Naked Giants reveal split 7"
Ron Gallo

Ron Gallo has teamed up with the Seattle-based trio Naked Giants for a split 7-inch via New West Records featuring his new song, “Sorry Not Everybody Is You,” b/w Naked Giants’ “The Age Of Information.” Of the song and collaboration, Gallo offers, “‘Sorry Not Everybody’ is a song for those who live with hatred and direct it towards other human beings. Hatred is a mental illness. An extreme case of the illness we all have – a delusional sense of self, or ego, that allows our individual thoughts or opinions seem important enough to dictate our reality. It also makes it seem like we are separate from all other things, or in this case superior, when in reality we are all parts to a singular whole. No one really knows anything and so we run around trying to make sense of it all by labeling things by country, color, beliefs, thoughts, jobs, values, genders, etc. But truth is, none of these divisions exist and just create the mess we are in. No human is inherently evil, just unconscious and fueled by fear. If anyone who lives with hate fearlessly looked into why they feel the way they do towards others and the world around them it would eventually reveal that it was not based in actual reality and begin to dissipate, they would wake up. ‘Sorry Not Everybody’ is a song of questions attempting to start this process. On the B-side of the 7” is our dear friend spirit brothers, Naked Giants, of Seattle with their song ‘The Age of Information’ that explores self-inquiry in the modern age of internet hysteria and technology addiction.” Gallo and his band – rounded out by bassist Joe Bisirri (who also co-produced and mixed Gallo’s HEAVY META) and drummer Dylan Sevey – will be joined by Naked Giants for an extensive East Coast tour that begins tomorrow night in Nashville, TN. Please see below for full tour details.

Gallo recently revealed a new video for the HEAVY META track “Put The Kids To Bed” via Billboard and alongside an in-depth Q&A. They call HEAVY META “one of the year’s most searing and unfiltered alt-rock albums,” and add, “…the music on Heavy Meta is often as catchy and cathartic as the lyrics are dark — and the songs were made to be played live.” Read the full feature and watch the video HERE. Throughout the piece, Gallo details his two-year relationship with a woman who struggled with mental-health and drug-addiction issues during which much of HEAVY META was written. “It was a pretty dark time — not all of it — but, god, it was a heavy situation. I was frustrated and pissed off with humanity,” Gallo divulged to Billboard. This led to an 11-song set that is drenched in aggression and fuzz with themes ranging from Gallo’s personal ideology on abstaining from drugs and alcohol, self-empowerment, domestication, dead love, not knowing yourself, mental illness and more. The songs often demonstrate this sense of frustration with the human race, balanced by the underlying hopefulness of an idealistic realist.