“Ring My Bell” By Sonny & the Sunsets

New Day with New Possibilities, is the forthcoming release by Sonny & the Sunsets. Their LP drops on July 30th via on Rocks In Your Head Records. Ahead of the release they have shared a video for “Ring My Bell.”

Sonny on “Ring My Bell”

“It was before Covid, I had this big free empty studio in the hills, I was supposed to be painting, that was my initial plan, and I just began making songs on guitar, songs about being alone, songs about failed men, some dark tales of longing. I was reading some old western paperbacks, and I would go on these walks in the hills, come inside and write these kind of lonesome country songs. And that was it.”

“New Day with New Possibilities joins with a kind of Michael Hurley home grown sound but sometimes leans into baroque strings sound as on “Driftin’” and “The Lonely Men.” The Pedal Steel of master Joe Goldmark lifts the record into some Doug Sahm territory.”

“Looks like I’m fat but I’m tough as new rubber, I heard you chose your last rancho cause he’s rough, But , I am rougher, My boots may be full of mud, I have no bullits for my gun, But if you want to come, We can ride the trail together” starts Ride the Dark Trail, a love poem of sorts, and subtly connected to the late David Berman. ‘heartbreak is my obsession/i teach the school of rejection…i’m on the board of depression/and i’m up for re-election’, he sings during “Love Obsession,” lyrics that sound like they could have sailed out of a lost Hank Williams classic.

Sonny & the Sunsets
New Day With New Possibilities
Rocks In Your Head Records
Track List:

The Lonely Men
Earl & His Girl
Ring My Bell
Ride The Dark Trail
Love Obsession
Just Hanging Out By Myself
Keep Talkin Bout You
Palm Reader
I’m A Leaker
I’m A Dog
The Letter

Rocks In Your Head Records recently released Fake Fruit’s newest self-titled release in March. New Day with New Possibilities can be pre-ordered HERE.