Rick Ashtray debuts “One Of These Nights”

Rick Ashtray debuts new single"One Of These Nights".

Rick Ashtray has been playing jangly garage rock since 2012, but didn’t release their debut album until 2016. Now, in the summer of 2017. The band is prepping for their new EP INC , which comes out August 4th on Black Pop. Today, the band are debuting their catchy lead-single off the album, “One Of These Nites”.

Rick Ashtray on “One Of These Nites” and INC.

«One of These Nites» is a sloppy dad rock song about living for your lame office job and loving it. «INC». is an EP about the least rock n’ roll life style there ever was: a career in a corporation. None of the members of Rick Ashtray know anything about it, but they still try to put it into words and music.


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