Rich Girls debut new single “Better”

NYC band Rich Girls have shared their new single "Better," the track is the follows prevously single "Worse." Both tracks are available via Tricyle
Rich Girls "Better"

New York City band Rich Girls’ have shared their single “Better,” the track is the follow up to a song called “Worse,” off their previous EP Fiver. Rich Girls, began as thesolo recording project of Luisa Black after the breakup of her San Francisco garage band The Blacks and evolved around a series of dark pop demos Black wrote while living in London. A steady stream of EPs cemented the Rich Girls high/low sound and found a small following in unexpected outposts across the UK and Europe. Often a trio, sometimes a duo, Rich Girls live create a big, urgent sound out of minimal elements. “Better” is the latest offering from Rich Girls since Black City, their first full-length album that was released in April 2018. Keep an eye out for more news on their upcoming release, out later this year.

Luisa Black on “Better”:

“It’s a follow-up to an early Rich Girls single – Worse’ from the EP Fiver – which was about love and addiction. ‘Better’ picks up in the hazy aftermath when you’re just back from the dead.”

Rich Girls
Black City

01. In the Street
02. Hit
03. Wayne
04. It’s Alive
05. Laid Eyes
06. Blood Brother
07. Blood on Your Lips
08. Vintage Playah
09. Speak Darling


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