Review Of “The Darcys” By The Darcys

The Darcys

Artist: The Darcys
Album: The Darcys
Label: Arts & Crafts
Rating: 7.0

Toronto based four-piece The Darcys make atmospheric rock music that pushes musical boundaries.Somewhere between rock and shoe-gaze, the first of a three album record deal with the Arts & Crafts label is a dreamy release put out just in time for winter listening.

The Darcys currently consists of Jason Couse on guitar/vocals, Wes Marskell on drums, Mike Le Riche on guitar/organ and Dave Hurlow on bass. The band originally formed in Halifax whilst studying at Kings College and was fronted by a different lead singer, who they had problems with and eventually split from.
Leaving this behind them, the band has gone from strength to strength, making a sound unique to them which can be heard on this self titled release.

Opener “100 Mile House” is a gorgeous, quiet piece driven by piano and soothing vocals from front man Jason Couse. This leads on to the more driven drum beats of “Don’t Bleed Me”. “House Built Around Your Voice” is full of guitar melodies flowing around sections of static noise, Couse’s voice melts even the
more negative images; “I was dreaming about the bodies you left in un-made beds” goes one line. “Shaking Down the Old Bones” seems to be about fate and love, “Right heart, wrong time” Couse sings, “we only get the one shot”. It is another masterpiece of guitar melodies and also brings in the shoe-gazing reverb
which adds a spacey element to the track.

“Edmonton To Purgatory” is mostly instrumental, it starts heavy before stripping back to single reverb-y guitar notes at 1:23 which comes as a breath of fresh air before the build-up back up to chords, drums and lyrics to finish. “Glasnost” brings back the piano interludes which really brings a new element to the album; a nostalgic twist. It is a wistful, dreamy piece; “We’re still trying to fit the birds in through the window” Couse sings “And we dance, and we will keep, sing ourselves back to sleep”. Ten tracks in, The Darcys finish the album with a song about renewing, and starting again, “When I Am New Again” is a sweeping piece, Couse’s vocals straining beautifully not un-like those of Radiohead’s Thom

There’s a thread of calm running through the release, making the melodies and drum beats the perfect accompany to a solemn winter walk. The self titled album will be available to buy on limited edition 180-gram vinyl, offered on the bands website from release day.

Reviewed by Heather Welsh.

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