Novella "Murmurs" reviewed by Northern Transmissions. Out today on Italian Beach Babes.

Italian Beach Babes



Murmurs EP

London based UK band Novella are releasing an EP ahead of their debut album which should come out next year, Murmurs EP gives us a taste of what’s to come and is out on the Italian Beach Babes label this month. Released as a cassestte tape, the EP consists of four new songs all recorded in one day by Jack Cooper (Mazes) and Mark Jasper at SoundSavers in Homerton, London.

Made up of Hollie Warren on guitar/vocals, Sophy Hollington on guitar, Suki Sou on Bass and Iain Laws on the drums, Novella make grungy, DIY sounding pop rock that sounds like something from The Shop Assistants or The Vaselines with Warren’s soft vocals swimming through C86 style guitar and drums.

“Blue Swallows” opens with thrashes of guitar and is sure to be a lo-fi crowd pleaser with the catchy chorus and leaping melodies. Oh blue swallows, a clouds hover, the sun shimmers…the sky swallows it all”. “Phrases” is a subtle, building track, which swells and peaks in a guitar heavy riff session – showing off their instrumental potential, the song is yet to have any vocals.

“Follow” is a slow builder and full of more lo-fi guitar, Warren sings; “I see your life, you can despise no-one, no-one, I hear true lies, can we disguise again?” and the chorus; “And we can follow, and you can follow again… Tell me for time, this life again, to die, true life”. The last song on the EP “Slow Mary” is a slower version of their Shangri-La’s inspired single “Mary’s Gun” which came out last year. Hypnotic drum beats and a tinkle from a tambourine complete the feel; “Hold me in your, hold me in your, hold me in your tiny hands” repeats.

Novella’s Murmurs EP is guitar loveliness, grungy attitude and a timeless lo-fi sound. The band is due to go into the studio at the end of this year to record their new album and this will certainly be one to look out for!

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