Oberhofer "Notalgia" EP reviewed by Northern Transmissions, out July 16 on Glassnoste Records

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Notalgia EP

Noise pop Brooklyn band Oberhofer are to release their first EP this year, the Notalgia EP which is coming out on Glassnote Records. This follows their first album Time Capsules II released in 2012 on the same label. The band name comes from member and founder Brad Oberhofer – who despite band line up changes, has remained at the band’s core, writing and recording all the music himself. And since their beginnings as a recording project in 2008, Oberhofer have toured with Sleigh Bells, Neon Indian and most recently Matt & Kim.

“You + Me (Still Together In The Future)” opens Notalgia EP with a rather twee take on noise – a song about hope, love and a nostalgia for the future; “This summer is coming to an end, this summer is coming to end, are you my friend, are you my friend?” and “’Cos I’m in love with the idea of you and me still together in the future”. The instrumentals build up layers of dense sound before breaking down for sparser, more thoughtful moments. Perfect for thinking, perfect for rocking out to.

“Got Your Letter” is about receiving one of those now rare, almost extinct items, a hand written letter. Oberhofer explain the response insinuating who it might be from; “I couldn’t write back I knew better, I’m on the right track I keep my head up, I’m on the right, I’m in the right”. Unpronounceable interlude “-” follows, before “Earplugs”, an energetic track with a catchy chorus; “Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? I tried for years to tell you I’m in love”. Oberhofer’s vocals distinctly squeaky, and remarkably like Vampire Weekend singer Ezra Koenig’s.

“Together / Never” builds positive energy really well with noisy guitar and uplifting lyrics; “Together, we will never be alone again” afore the track breaks down and ends with a spoken word declaration over piano music; “It’s 4.41pm, Sunday July 22nd, 2012, and, um, I’m coming to terms with death”. The 5 track EP is a great little taster of what the band have been up to, and is substantial enough to wet fans appetites, that is, until the next album (we hope).


Reviewed by Heather Welsh.



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