Northern Transmissions' Review of 'No Bad Days' by Bestie, the album is out on April 29th and will be self released by the band. Bestie play May 1in Kelowna




No Bad Days

BESTiE’s album No Bad Days officially releases today, bringing its sweet tropi-vibe indie flavour to your summer soundtrack.The album basks in bright guitar, percolating percussion and lush textures balanced with cheeky vocals in the style of Vampire Weekend and Abe Vigoda. No Bad Days is a melodic merging of surf, Afrobeat, Cumbia and Calypso.

The song sequence flows well, bringing kinetic energy and colour to fruition. Catchy opening track “Pineapple” starts the buzz and like its namesake has both tropical sweetness and sharp spiky punctuated rhythms. “Fell In Love With A Stripper” borrows its guitar stylings from the 80’s; the ‘Johnny Marr on the beach’ comparison is obvious and easy to make. One of the things I like best about BESTiE is the juxtaposition between serious and sarcastic; the lyrics here are a funny-poignant reminder that love is not always what it seems. The sultry sounds of “Foolish Hearts” slow the pace, South American rhythmic grooves and catchy riffs jangle over a reverb infused atmosphere. “Asleep On The Bus” and “Kelly Kapowski” delve further into BESTiE’s trademark mashup of pop and world influences. A sound relying heavily on guitar lines and percussive elements,the syncopation drives this energetic equatorial take on pop. The warm calypso-infused tracks are breezy and fun if not completely innovative. “Sriracha” marinates in dance party flavour; considering the possible shortage of the much-loved cock-brand of hot sauce, it’s good to know that people can get their fix.

Overall a fun album, a great combination of feel-good, festival-ready pop songs. By no means re-writing indie music, No Bad Days is more of a perfect tribute to the well-crafted sounds of others. BESTiE is gearing up for their Canadian tour starting May 1st. And after a winter of getting caught in the Vancouver rain, I’m pretty sure singer Tristan Orchard might just like piña coladas. That would lead this reviewer to surmise that guitarist Andrew Janczewski, percussionist Daniel Ruiz and bassist Rob Cameron might like making love after midnight – but only tour stories will tell. Either way, it’s not a Bad Day to enjoy a sweet pop yet spicy calypso pineapple in BESTiE cock sauce.

Kim Glennie

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