“Ready For Your Love” by The Harpoons

The Harpoons - "Ready For Your Love"

The Harpoons are an R&B-leaning experimental electronic-pop band from Melbourne, Australia comprised of Henry (bass, percussion), Jack (guitar, percussion), Bec (vox), Marty (percussion). They take inspiration from pop and dance music from all over the world – deep and shallow, new and old – all with the intention of making you dance, or sometimes, maybe even weep.

Brothers Henry and Jack Madin write undeniable boppers and ballads that burst with harmony and a shared knowledge only siblings seem capable of. Torch singer Bec Rigby’s arresting vocal variations harmonize seamlessly and melt hearts while Martin King (Oscar and Martin, Fitness By Martin King) ties everything together with his steezy beats and sultry vocals. It’s the harmonies and undeniable melodies that envelop you when The Harpoons are on stage, one that houses bespoke marimbas and pentatones, deftly handled guitars, and analogue and digital drums like two hearts beating.
Today, they come to us with their new single, “Ready For Your Love”.


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